Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Beginning

It's been 2 years and 8 months since I started on the journey of single motherhood. The babysitter, as we refer to my wasband, looked over at me one night and said very matter of factly, "I don't want to do this anymore", and that was the beginning of the end. But this is not about the end. This is about the middle, or the minute, and the wish to learn how to enjoy single motherhood, and be the Queenpin Mama.

I am most certainly not a KINGpin. There is no king in this castle. There is a prince (my 7 year old son), and a princess who would like to know when she is going to get her penis (my 3 year old daughter), and a duke possibly, which is my 16 year old three legged dog. Poor old dog thing is really treated like a pauper, because the Queenpin is often tired after a long day of keeping other living beings alive. The duke really lives off the scraps of my lovin'.

A good friend with a great mind labeled me the Queenpin Mama and it just fit me like the most comfy p.j.s. The Queenpin is what being a single mama is. The dictionary defines a king pin as a 1.) the inner most or central in an arrangement of bowling pins, 2.) the most important person or element in an enterprise or system. In other words if this mama goes down we all go down.

Thanks to the universe, so far this mama aint going down. She's bobbin' on the water and not thrashin' around too much these days. I'm being the stable Queenpin and holding us all upright. My wish is that I can do it gracefully.


  1. I was a single mom too even though I had a husband or two!

  2. I'm a newly single mom as of less than a month ago. I stumbled across your blog and can't wait to read more.


  3. Tania,

    Single motherhood is a crazy ride! I just read your post on being happy on your own for awhile and I think that is beautiful. Just remember, happy single mamas lower their expectations on what is right for their family: fewer after school activities, and more Cheerios on the floor. I look forward to keeping up with you through your blog.