Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Love Good Stories

I love good stories. I heard a particularly delicious one the other day and had to write a poem about it. I'm no poet, but this story just had to be written down.

A Man’s Shaken Faith

On Halloween when the freaks and the friendly come out to celebrate
My faith was shaken
I saw Jesus on a stick
As usual he was just defending himself
Took on four men at once
He did, I swear
Long hair flying
Veins popping out
Eyes wild
As I imagine they were when he stormed the temple

Who knew Jesus could hit like that?
We all know he can take a punch
A beat down
A crown of thorns
A nail or two
But no one told us how he could rumble
Like a street kid
Like an old bear biker
Like the Hulk

The earth slipped under my feet when Satan appeared to help him
Another long haired ineffable being
Horns so perfect
Hair flowing down
Blue eyes blazing just like the Lords’
Pulling men off Jesus
Fighting like you knew he would
As my wife told me later
Looking much better in person

Then Jesus got arrested and the devil slipped into the crowd
A few feet before me
A man said emphatically to his wife
You see,
I told you if he was still alive today
They would still be persecuting him

But all I saw were those two in cahoots
Jesus and the Devil
Out drinking
Playing Texas Hold ‘Em
Laughing about their miserable jobs
Laying plans for how they were going to fuck with us tomorrow

The next day I awoke to a message from a friend
A cop at the station
Who left a long message about his Hollow’s Eve night
And the devil bailing Jesus out of jail
And I was certain then
That the divine plan was twisted
And God’s good grace had failed
To keep those jokers apart

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