Friday, December 31, 2010

Mama Poetry

I have been blessed with a good mama. The best mama for me. She can find poetry that fits any occasion, and she makes sure she gets it to you, which to me is amazing. I find cool writing all the time, but I never get it to anyone. She brought me this Nikki Giovanni poem today. I've read it 100 times already. So true it makes my stomach sick, so right it makes ache swirl.


there is a hunger
often associated with pain
that you feel
when you look at someone
you used to love and enjoyed
loving and want
to love again
though you know you can't
that gnaws at you
as steadily as a mosquito
some michigan summer
churning his wings
through your window screen
because the real world
made up of baby
clothes to be washed
food to be cooked
lullabies to be sung
smiles to be glowed
hair to be plaited
ribbons to be bowed
coffee to be drunk
books to be read
tears to be cried
loneliness to be borne

says you are strong woman
and anyway he never thought you'd really miss him

Thank you sweet Mama, for respecting my ache.

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