Saturday, May 14, 2011

Focusing on Who Peed in the Bathtub

Is it wrong to love being a mother because it gets you out of your shit? I mean, that's not the only reason I love being a mother, but it is a great perk.

The other night I had had such a long, long day. I was depressed about my job and tired from getting up at 4:30 a.m. and doing stuff to feed my soul. I was going to give my very stinky little beastie a bath, but when I walked into the bathroom Holy Mother Mary, it smelled like pee. Now I have an 8 year old boy, so I know all the obvious places to look. My eyes scanned the toilet, the floor, the trash can (oh yeah, he pees right in it), nothing. Littlest Beast said, Mommy, did someone pee in the bathtub? No, who would do that? Yet, as I looked there was a suspicious yellow tinge DRIED in the bottom of the tub and a soaked wash cloth looking a little more ginger colored than I believed that it should.

Little Beast, did you pee in the tub?

No, mommy! She was shocked I would even ask. Or was that just good denial. Hmmmmm. I let it drop. Big Beast wasn't home so I would have time to plan my interogation. I cleaned-ish the tub. Threw the disgusting wash cloth down to the laundry and bathed littlest beast, which consisted of me cleaning the kitchen while she played in soapy and (now dirt filled) water.

I thought of how to get to the bottom of the mysterious pisser. WWDD? What would the Don do? I stood at the stink and giggled to myself at visions of sitting them down and shinning a light in their faces until someone cracked. Holding up favorite toys over the trash can and threatening that if no one admitted their guilt a toy would get it. And I then I realized I hadn't thought about my shit once since the discover of the pee in the bathtub.

No stress about finding work, no grief about losing my job, no fear, just scheming about how to torture the beasties a little. I love those beasts. I love that by raising them, I raise myself out of my shit. In the end I asked Big Beast if he had peed in the bathtub. No. Damn those kids are good. I asked and then I let it go. The important part was that it got me into the present. The pee in the bathtub got me focused on the moment and pulled me back down to earth.

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