Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank the Buddhas For that Crazy Lady

After my melancholy post this morning I went to big Beastie's bday throw down. Me and a good friend threw a double party for our boys at a local rec center with a water parkish thing. The woman in charge was this mousy little lady with big blue bug eyes and a sweetass bowl cut. A little female Barney Fife. If I was more computer savy I would post his picture here because really, spitting image.

After reciting the rules in a very clipped and efficient manner the woman came to ask me if I was planning on swimming because I needed a super special arm band for that. When I replied no, I would not be swimming she muttered, "Ah, not ready to show that muffin top off?" and walked away. Before I even realized how bad she had cut me down she had skittled half-way across the room to more important matters. And then I laughed and laughed and laughed. I told a friend about it and was laughing so hard tears sprang out of my eyes and I had to repeat myself three times to be understood.

Buddha I am so glad you came to visit me today in the form of one crazy ass lady.

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