Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the Pancake Palace

The boy sat curled up in the lepoard print lazy girl. Math book in his lab and then he began to whine. Granted, he was hungry and had no bread, no milk, and no juice for breakfast. Regardless his mother hated whining. The sound turned her nuturer to ice, "Baby, what is going on with you?" she replied in her own menacing whine. "I miss my daddy!" he cried and then he broke and sobbed and the Queenpin's ice melted as she curled up around her boy and tried to kiss away his tears.

My boy doesn't talk much about what is going on inside. My boy is sweeter than cotton candy and he holds all his stuff inside. For him to break and say what was going on was huge, but what is a Queenpin to do with this flood of sadness that has stained her hardwood floors and split her own heart in two? I held him and said, I know baby, I would fix it if I could. It just sucks. I let him cry, and then I called on the organization. I called my neighbor. "Should I take the beasties to breakfast and then just take them to his work so they can see him?", I asked, and she, wise, wise mama that she is said, "No, because worse than not seeing him at all would be seeing him and him not being happy to see them." She then did an even more amazing thing than give me good advice, she invited us to the Pancake Palace.

The Pancake Palace is a magical place to eat. For an hour you can have your daddy blues wiped away while you are waited on by two fabulous mama's and one daddy cooking away in the kitchen. The mamas even wear aprons. As I told my beasties in preparation for the long trip, (right across the street), at the Pancake Palace you don't have to wear shoes, brush your teeth, or even wear underwear. Pajamas are a must.

Once we arrived at the Palace beasties sat outside with their two best friends and were tended to. A menu of fresh fruit, pancakes, and homemade pumpkin muffins was offered. Burping was allowed! Beasties ate and laughed, and I would like to think they healed a little.

And the Queenpin healed too as she was reminded that we are a making a different kind of family, full of mothers and fathers that are happy to take us in when the heat is on.

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  1. are full of it and surrounded by it. That's what the good life is made of even if you don't recognize it in the here-and-now.