Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank You Sugahs

There is this great page on Facebook called Write Like a Motherf*cker and I love it. It leaves status updates on my page that say things like:

I'll have you know that my friend Eva Tenuto and I (Sari) wrote like Motherfuckers from 12:30 till 2:30 today. Like, shit that once you've written, you can't unwrite.


Cementing myself in my chair for the next two hours (2pm-4pm EST). Turning off the Internet/turning on Freedom, reheating the coffee, putting on a sweatsuit, dropping the phone in a drawer, getting organized, staying hydrated, and kicking chapter 2's ass. Who's in?

Yesterday I wrote this really sweet post about the woman who I thought was the administrator of the Write Like Motherf*cker Facebook page, Sugar on the Rumpus, but as it turns out it is not her! Lawd, I am such a nerd. A nerd that needs to do research before she publishes her posts and puts them on Facebook! 

It turns out that there are two luscious ladies that administer that site and keep me writing, Elissa Bassist and Sari Botton. This thank you is to them. 

I just love them. I love that they treat me like a friend and fellow writer even though we've never met. I know they write their posts for hundreds, but for me it seems like such a personal invitation from my good friends and coffee mates. Hey girl, come write with us. You can do it. 

I hardly ever write when they ask me to, but they are so forgiving, they still asking me to write with them whenever their working. They never judge that I don't sit down and get busy. They never sigh and shake their heads when I am wrapped up in kids, and graduate school, my man, and work. Plus they use the word Motherfucker with love and that just makes me feel like a super nurtured badass. 

Today they posted the Elvis Costella video above and said, This is for us this year and my heart swelled with gratitude for their support and their belief in me, in us. Their belief in all of us faceless writers following them on Facebook and floating on the sea of their support. 

I am not a published writer, I know, I'm a blogger. A second class writer, maybe third, but Write Like a Motherf*ker makes me feel like the real deal. Those encouraging Facebook posts make me smile. They remind me that writing heals my soul, so no matter what others think, my Facebook friends and I know that in my bones I am a writer. 

This Christmas I asked for a coffee mug. Not just any mug. The mug of all mugs:
But no one got it for me, so I did what I think my Write Like a Motherfucker friends would have suggested, I just bought my own damn mug. I imagine myself curled in my bed, laptop open, hot coffee in my mug and me and my Facebook friends writing like motherfuckers. Dirty Harry writing, and by that I mean, Go ahead, make my day, writing. Double dog dare you to write writing, because this year, everyday, everyday, we'll write the book. 

Thanks to Elissa and Sari for being so sweet about my super silly snafu. No matter who I gave credit to in name, the gratitude is all for you.


  1. and the trail of crumbs extends as a glimmering path drawing us towards that tiny light in the distance...
    thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks! Glad the page is helping you. Keep WLAM-ing.