Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Calling You To Show You My Postcard

When I used to finish a postcard, I would immediately take a picture and send it to my Sweet Escape. I get so excited when I finish a project I want to show it off. I want someone to scratch me behind the ears and say, "Good Girl. Nice work."


I know, I've got to get over this instant gratification shit. However, I'm not there yet and tonight I finished 2 postcards and updated one and then....uncomfortable feeling...sadness...annoyance at myself...achy gut....I had no one to send it too. Shit.

Don't worry, I did take a moment and think, "This is for you, girl. Scratch yourself behind the ears." Which I did, and then I decided to post my picts on my blog because it is fun to show your art to someone. It is fun to finish a project and say LOOK WHAT I MADE!!!!

So here you go. Be my new boyfriend and get excited.
I updated The Committee and added Akhilandshevarhi
(the Goddess Who Is Never Not Broken, just LOVE HER)

I made this for a friend who is a survivor of rape. Her words, her wisdom.
It took me months to make it and now that I'm looking at it
again....shit....just a little more tweaking.....

No amount of mama-ing can heal this baby's wounds,
and to me that is horrific.
For months I've had a vision in my head of doing
a postcard of an American soldier with the same words, but then I saw
 this child soldier and I knew I had to use it.


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