Saturday, November 24, 2012

This Will Take 40 Minutes. Sit Your Ass Down, It's Worth It

This morning my new boyfriend Deepak Chopra introduced me to the idea of Synchrodestiny. It sounds like a dance from Xanadu, but is really the idea that coincidences are not random, but guideposts or signs from the universe for us to follow to achieve our life's purpose.

Rocky Mountain Mama, I remember when you lost this movie and
had to buy it from Blockbuster
when we were in our 20's! Hahahahaha, makes me want to rent it tonight. 

This afternoon, after an amazingly fun, and gratitude filled 3 days with my family, I banished my beasts to their rooms and sat down to catch up on my favorite blogs. I "stumbled" by a post on Momastary about a book she had read called Daring Greatly. The post was so enthusiastic I googled the author Brene Brown and ended up watching two of her TED Talks:
The Power of Vulnerability 

Listening to Shame

Now I'm molting. My lizard skin is half hanging off, and, oh yeh, I have a new girlfriend named Bene Brown (Deepak is too spiritual to be jealous). I feel like my soul just got French kissed by the universe. Yum.

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