Saturday, September 17, 2011

Embrace Your Food Baby

A few weeks ago some friends and I got together and did an amazing thing, we let ourselves be photographed, and not just any old photos but photos of our bodies. That my goombas, is amazing. It is amazing is because many of the women I know do not like their bodies, or they have shame about something on their bodies. Or something on their bodies reminds them of something that makes them feel shame, so that most of the time they feel uncomfortable in their skin and miss out on the miracle that is carrying their soul around. By them, I mean me, by their bodies, I mean mine.

Body hatred makes me so overwhelmingly sad.  I ache for me and my ladies, and our beautiful bodies, that we treat like some second hand pair of high water kaki's we've been forced to wear for eternity. I have an acupuncture teacher who reminds his students constantly that you have to be careful with people's bodies, everyone has some kind of body hang up. We degrade, we obsess, we ignore. Yesterday I was thinking about this post and I imagined my body as a little girl. In my mind's eye I saw my little girl with a mass of bed head, a huge ole' rats nest. She looked like the classic movie example of a neglected child. Gray, sack dress, filthy face, hollow eyes. Then I thought about the times that I do pay attention to her and she looked like one of those poor babies on Toddlers and Tiaras. Stuffed into some uncomfortable dress, uncomfortable shoes, tight lipped smile. "See me," her eyes begged. My poor body.

When my ladies came over we were all nervous to get started. Not sure what we were doing, each one of us carefully stepped into the project. But as I knew would happen, once we began to share ideas and stories everyone loosened up and the dam burst. The miracle began. Creativity flowed, laughter rang through the house, and clothes were shed. Every time the camera clicked it fed our souls, each word written on flesh empowered us to look  at ourselves and rejoice a little. We opened ourselves up and were fed by each other's experience and love. It was truly a group project, each woman sharing equally, and receiving equally. Each woman embracing her body, and giving it a high five. Afterward one of the women posted on Facebook: Walked away with a little more swag! :~) more swing in my big hips, chest out even more, & no worries about the "extras" 'round the middle! Can You Handle ALL of This!!! ;~D  

Love yourself, rejoice in your beauty as it is now.

A special thanks so my friend Lisa, who photographed us and spent hours editing them with me.


  1. This my friend is beautiful


  2. I hope that other women do it too. All you need is a camera and some women. It is really an amazing experience. If you do it send me the picts so I can share!