Friday, September 16, 2011

If You're Gonna Grab Life by the Balls....

It was a moment of divine intervention. A moment when the words coming out of my mouth were not my own, but words of something with much more spiritual wisdom than I have. Savior Single Mama and I sat on her porch talking about LIFE. She was talking about all the shit going on in hers and by shit, I mean bullshit. At one point she stopped, with tears streaming down her face and said, "I mean, do I bring all of this drama in my life?" And then my mouth opened and this spiritual thought flew out, "If you're going to grab life by the balls, sometimes you're gonna get a little stinky taint." and then we cracked up laughing at the truth of it.

Drama Queens, maybe that is what we are, but I prefer to think of us as women who want to soak up the marrow of life. We are not women who aspire to be on reality t.v. We do not start ridiculous fights just to feel the adrenaline flow, we just want to live hard and laugh hard and love hard.

Sassy Single Mama is in that category too. It amazes me how three such similar women have found each other. We get each other. We let each other make our mistakes, and rejoice in the mistakes as well as the successes, because we know the good and the bad make our lives more juicy, more lived. And sometimes that is not pretty, but it's rich, and gooey and feels like it has a chocolate center. Mmmm-mmm.

So I'll say it again, and I encourage you to live it: If you're going to grab life by the balls, sometimes you're going to get a little stinky taint. It's okay go with it, you can always wash the stink off later.


  1. OK, the link to the urban dictionary much appreciated. It is important to be linguistically correct, no?

  2. SheBear, I almost didn't post it worried I would offend, but then I reminded myself of what Sassy Single Mama says, "Go big or go home." I went big.