Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beer Now?

There is a man that I know in his late 20's that is not jaded about love. He went to dinner with his girlfriend's parents and some of their friends while his girlfriend was out of town. He took them eggs and flowers from his farm. I laughed and teased him about old fashioned courting. The night before that I had gotten a date with this text, "Beer now?"

I'm so jaded. I'm trying not to be. Not to be jaded and suspicious. On my Beer now? date-ish. I told the man I would stop expecting the worse. May be he's a nice guy...may be not. This week I'm gonna let Cinderella win, Lisabeth Salander is gonna have to take a vacation. I have a real date with Beer Now on Thursday. Actual dinner and conversation in a restaurant. Cue "Pretty In Pink" soundtrack now.

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