Monday, June 20, 2011

Spinning Plates and Bees

Right after my daughter was born the wusband decided that earning money was not necessary for him. To be fair, he was selling real estate when the market tanked, but somehow he still managed to play a lot of golf. I had taken the year off teaching to raise my babies, so I had no income. What does a Queenpin do when money is not growing on trees, and her partner has decided he likes golf more than work? She starts two businesses. With a sweet new baby and a 3 1/2 year old I started a daycare in my home (let me just say that was as close to hell on earth as I ever plan to get), and I started selling Mary Kay Cosmetics. My friends laugh when I tell stories about it. I am not a girlie, girl, makeup wearing Christian lady, but I did it, because it needed to be done. And right now when I have no job, but many ideas, I am so glad for the experience.

I learned a lot from Mary Kay. That woman knew how to make housewives into business women. She knew how to make it simple. I am drawing on what I learned from her to help me now. I've got so many plates in the air, and like a crazy person I keep adding to the mix, I think there are some mixing bowls up there too, and steak knives...on fire.

Tomorrow I start massage school, three nights a week for 10 months. In August I go back to acupuncture school 5 days a month in another state, I have been cleaning two businesses on the side for a few years and I plan to expand that, and most exciting (and terrifying), I plan to start a small business with my neighbor that is going to let me be creative and expand the Queenpin name. Plus, there's laundry to do, dishes to wash, meals to cook, and beasties to raise.

Mary Kay's symbol is a bee. She admired the bee's ability to fly though, theoretically a bee's small wings should not be able to carry it's body weight. She said that women are like that. We can fly though many times we have too much to carry. There are many tidbits Mary Kay taught to help women prioritize so that they could have plates, cookery, and yes, flaming knives in the air, and keep them there spinning, while looking like it was no sweat.

I'm excited about all these new possibilities for me, and I'm trying to keep the terror at bay by putting one foot infront of the other. I'm beating my little wings as fast as possible to keep us all afloat and hoping, just hoping, that I'm flying in a direction that will bring success.

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