Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Want From My Mexicana Mama

Yep, that's me, gartered up
with burned buns.
Forgeta bout it.
It has been over two years since I wrote my post Queenpin in the Kitchen. I wrote about my struggle with cooking and how much I used to love to cook, but these days it's more mac-n-cheese than veggies and rice. It's more about opening the box than savoring the food. I eat so fast, I am embarrassed when I am out with adults. Just get-her-done, isn't that what that red-neck boy says? My post was about changing my ways, but I haven't. I'm stuck in a rut of kitchen frustration.

The real Queenpin in the kitchen.
I just had the best dinner. One of those dinners you can tell was made with love, especially because it was made by an exhausted mama with young baby and soon to be five year old. My kids ate it up. There was no whining, there were requests for more. What, more???? When I make the same you little beasts act like I'm asking you to eat sheep shit!? I think the secret ingredients in this mama's food is the love, and the satisfaction that feeding others gives the cook. That what my Mexicana Mama has, and I want to bottle it up and drink it everyday. Pour a little in my 5 o'clock so when it's cooking time, I'm raring to go instead of whining about it and dreading the process. Sigh....

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